Dow DOWSIL™ 1-4174 – 1.5kg

SKU: 0002-01-000168

Dow DOWSIL™ 1-4174 is a flowable, one-component, thermally conductive adhesive with high tensile strength and seven mil glass beads. Main uses of this product include bonding integrated circuit substrates, adhering lids and housings, base plates, and heat sinks. 1.5kg Key Features of Dow DOWSIL™ 1-4174:

  • Flowable
  • Heat cure
  • Thermally conductive adhesive
  • High tensile strength
  • No added solvents
  • No mixing of separate components required
  • Glass beads allow uniform
  • Easily controlled bond line thickness
  • Rapid versatile cure processing controlled by temperature
  • Able to flow, fill or self-levelling after dispensing
  • Increase reliability

Size: 1.5kg

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