Dow DOWSIL™ 3140 RTV Coating – 90ML Tube

SKU: 0002-01-000123

Dow DOWSIL™ 3140 RTV Coating is a one component, translucent coating that is designed to provide long-term protection against moisture and other contaminants. The room-temperature curing coating can be used for pin sealing, thin-section encapsulation, protection of rigid or flexible circuit boards and protection of corrosion-sensitive materials. 90ml tube.

Key Features & Benefits of DOWSIL™ 3140: 

  • One-part
  • Good flowability & self levelling
  • Good flame resistance
  • Faster in-line processing with optional heat acceleration
  • UL, IPC and Mil Spec tested
  • No added solvents
  • High elongation value for vibration/mechanical shock dampening

Please note - special pricing has been added to this part as expiry date is May 2024. 

Size: 90ml Tube

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DOWSIL™ 3140 RTV Coating Technical Data Sheet


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