Parker LORD 403E/19 4:1 Cartridge – 415ml

SKU: 0207-01-000302

Parker LORD 403 acrylic adhesive, when mixed with Parker LORD Accelerator 19 or 19GB, creates an adhesive system that bonds a wide variety of prepared or unprepared metals and engineered plastics. The adhesive system is specifically formulated to provide the highest impact and peel strengths available in a room temperature curing adhesive. Parker LORD 403 acrylic adhesive can be mixed with either Parker LORD Accelerator 19 or Parker LORD Accelerator 19GB. Parker LORD Accelerator 19 improves the high temperature resistance of Parker LORD 403 acrylic adhesive, and is available in off-white or black. Parker LORD Accelerator 19GB allows precise control of the adhesive bondline thickness due to its content of glass beads. Parker LORD Accelerator 19GB is available in off-white, red or grey.

Size: 415ml

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