Kakuhunter SK-350TII Centrifugal Planetary Mixer

SKU: 0304-01-000580

The Kakuhunter SK-350T2 is a sophisticated centrifugal planetary mixer designed to degas a wide range of single component materials or simultaneously mix and degas multi component materials, regardless of their viscosity. By providing users with an automated mixing solution that is efficient and cost effective, the SK-350T2 eliminates the hassles and challenges of manual mixing methods. The SK-350T2 model has the capacity for two cups, meaning it is possible for end users to run a dual mixing cycle. The SK-350T2 has 100 programmable channels and ‘counter weight’ can be automatically set to avoid the possibility of human error. The SK-350T2 is compatible with all adopters in the Kakuhunter range, including the cartridge adopter, which allows the user to dispense the material straight from the cartridge rather than having to use an intermediate (transfer cup). A cold adopter cup is also available, which can be frozen to lower the material’s temperature and reduce the chance of premature curing or exotherm.

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