Loctite AA F246 with No5 initiator – 50ml Kit

SKU: 0103-01-000528

Loctite AA F246 is a two-component toughened acrylic adhesive system for high strength structural bonding. It cures rapidly at room temperature on assembly of the joint. It must be used with an initiator usually Initiator No.5.

It allows a brief period of under one minute for alignment before a very quick cure to handling strength with using Initiator No.5.

Features & Benefits:

  • Kit includes Loctite AA F246 Adhesive and Loctite Initiator No.5
  • High viscosity
  • Toughened acrylic adhesive
  • Straw yellow/brown liquid
  • Quick to cure to handling strength when used as a system
  • Room temperature cure

Size: 50ml Kit

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Loctite AA F246 Technical Data Sheet - English


Loctite AA F246 Technical Data Sheet - French