Fisnar F4000N Advance CCD Camera Vision System

SKU: 0401-08-000562

A powerful and intelligent CCD vision programming and auto adjustment system for creating both simple and complex dispense routines. This results in improved quality due to precise dispense positioning alongside improved production yield and reduced processing time and costs.

Dispense programs are created quickly and easily in the Fisnar proprietary vision-controlled Fluid-In-Motion (FIM) software by using the displayed camera image to jog the robot to the exact required dispense location and then selecting the operation wished to be carried out (dispense dot, line start etc).

Vision System software is supplied with an auto-part alignment function to guarantee fluid is being dispensed at the exact required location. This is achieved by the system capturing an image of two separate fiducial locations on the component and using pattern recognition software to compare the live image against a stored image. Any difference found in X or Y position results in the dispense co-ordinates being automatically adjusted to suit.

Dispense positional accuracy and repeatability is further optimised by the simple auto-calibration routine and part alignment function.?Other features include LED light and brightness controller and a high resolution CCD camera.

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