Fisnar F4000N Advance Aux Rotation Axis

SKU: 0401-08-000575

The Auxiliary rotation module allows an additional axis to be quickly and easily mounted onto a F4000 ADVANCE 3-Axis robot.

The device can be mounted in two different ways:

? Horizontal Mounting: When 4-Axis (R) rotation is required, but is not possible due to the size or weight of the dispense equipment attached to robot Z-Axis that would typically rotate on a conventional 4-Axis robot. This configuration set-up results in the work piece rotating instead, achieving the same end dispense result. Horizontal mounting also allows the CCD vision system to be used in application processes requiring 4-axis motion.

? Vertical Mounting: In applications that require dispensing onto multiple planes on a single work piece.

Dispensing onto cylindrical components can be made easy with the device mounted in either a horizontal or vertical position depending on the specific application process.

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