Fisnar DC100 High Precision Dispenser

SKU: 0401-08-001133

The Fisnar DC100 digital dispenser, with its versatile design, makes it perfectly suited for a wide variety of dispensing applications; from microdot deposits, lines, to large potting and filling. This new advancement in dispensing technology allows the user more control over their dispensing applications. The new upgraded DC100 Digital Dispense Controller now utilizes a high precision regulator from a worldwide leading manufacturer of pneumatic equipment. The SMC IR series precision regulator is widely regarded as one of the most high-performance regulators on the market with regards to its pressure relief characteristics and constant pressure control. Alarms can be set to notify the user when material life has ended or fluctuations in dispensing pressure have occurred. The user friendly programming allows for up to 10 programs to be saved and 5 different dispensing modes to be used. An I/O connection allows for easy integration into pre existing manufacturing lines. Lockable programs can allow the operator to use the Fisnar DC100 without fear of mistakenly modifying programs. With all of these new features the Fisnar DC100 may be the most cost effective programmable dispenser on the market.  


Size: 7.09 x 7.68 x 3.15"

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