Fisnar DC100 MAX High Precision Dispense Controller

SKU: 0401-08-002421

The Fisnar DC100 MAX is a versatile, high precision dispenser based on the popular DC100 and DC200 dispense controller but offers external connectivity features and additional operation modes. The DC100 MAX is designed to achieve outstanding levels of process stability on critical dispensing applications: from potting and encapsulation to microdot deposits and precise beads. The advanced user-friendly software of this dispenser gives the user a wide range of intelligent functions, allowing maximum accuracy, control, and monitoring of the application.

The programmable alarms of the DC100 Max can be set by the user to notify them when the fluid material life has ended, or when fluctuations in the dispensing pressure have occurred. The dispense time can pre-set time intervals or shots throughout the process by utilising the sequence function. This ensures consistent dispense results which may have previously been affected by fluid viscosity fluctuations or a reduction in the syringe fluid level.

The DC100 MAX is supplied as standard with Fisnar's new FSX stand offering better desktop performance and additional features for customers such as purge trays storage of dispense tip to prevent accidental damage.

Size: 7.53" x 7.05" x 2.83" (191 x 179 x 72 mm)

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