Fisnar 790HP-LF High-Pressure Spool Dispensing Valve

SKU: 0401-08-000467

The Fisnar 790HP-LF high volume dispense valve is an economic solution when dispensing high viscosity materials such as silicones, RTV, sealant and grease. The Fisnar 790HP-LF provides a snap-release shut off after dispensing, resulting in a suck-back at the fluid outlet, preventing any drip or post extrusion. The Fisnar 790HP-LF is a balanced type ?on/off? segmented high-pressure spool valve. Applying a minimum of 50 psi to the air inlet will force the spool forward, under tension from an internal return spring, dispensing the material. Releasing the air pressure results in the internal spring snapping back into position and closing the valve. Fisnar 790HP-LF valves can be used with the 3-way air valve controller DSP501N. Should the operation require automation, a faster closing action can be achieved using the 4-way valve controller VC1195N.

Size: 0.524kg

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