Dow DOWSIL™ HC 2000 – 18kg

SKU: 0002-01-000369

Dow DOWSIL™ HC 2000 is a one-component, fast tack-free conformal coating which is used for protection of rigid and flexible circuit boards, connectors, sensors, sensitive components and relayed and high tolerance devices. It offers controlled volatility, very low viscosity, and good adhesion. 18kg Key Features of Dow DOWSIL™ HC 2000:

  • Fast, tack-free RT cure
  • Flowable
  • No added solvents
  • Cures to soft, low stress elastomer
  • Controlled silicone volatility
  • UV indicator allows for automated inspection
  • Room temperature cure, no ovens required
  • Good adhesion allows use with many low-solids (no clean) and no-lead solders
  • Mild heat acceleration can speed in-line processing
  • Soft coating can improve reliability against stress

Size: 18kg

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