Plexus 50 ml Mark 5™ Application Gun (1:1, 2:1, and 10:1 ratios)

Manual, hand-held applicator gun for dispensing and applying Devcon’s (1:1, 2:1, and 10:1) 35 ml, 47 ml and 50 ml dispensing systems for epoxies and methacrylates. The most efficient and economical method of dispensing and applying Devcon® adhesives for both repair and assembly applications.

Key Features of Plexus 5™ Application Gun

  • Includes easy-to-load, easy-to-use applicator gun
  • Mix nozzle automatically and thoroughly mixes adhesive components
  • Eliminates guesswork, excessive waste and time associated with manually weighing and mixing two-part adhesive systems
  • Compatible with all 35 ml (10:1) adhesive cartridge systems
  • Compatible with all 47 ml (1:1) adhesive cartridge systems
  • Compatible with all 50 ml (1:1 and 2:1) adhesive cartridge system

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