Loctite ABLESTIK 3880 -5ml

SKU: 0006-01-000112

Loctite ABLESTIK 3880 is a conductive adhesive designed for bonding of metals, ceramics, rubbers, and plastics as used in electronic parts, where good adhesion combined with electrical and thermal conductivity is required.

Typical applications include bonding surface mount devices to flexible or rigid substrates. It is also ideal for semiconductor elements and bonding electrodes, lead wires or other connectors that require conductivity.

Please note, this product is frozen and must be shipped in dry ice. Contact us for more information.

Features & Benefits:

  • Silver paste
  • Conductive adhesive
  • Suitable for electronic components
  • Thermal conduction
  • Syringe and stencil print dispense method
  • Heat cure

Size: 5ml

Additional information

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Loctite ABLESTIK 3880 Technical Data Sheet - English


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