Humiseal UV50LV UV Cure Conformal Coating – 5 Litre

SKU: 0021-01-000060

HumiSeal UV50LV is a one-part, low viscosity, high solids dual cure acrylated polyurethane conformal coating possessing excellent chemical resistance, flexibility and moisture resistance. HumiSeal UV50LV has been developed at a low viscosity to allow use with film coater type selective coating equipment. HumiSeal UV50LV is tack free after exposure to UV light and the secondary moisture cure mechanism will fully cure any unexposed areas of the coating within 7 days at ambient conditions. Cured HumiSeal UV50LV has a higher flexibility compared to other UV curable conformal coatings, giving improved performance in thermal cycling tests. HumiSeal UV50LV fluoresces under UV light to allow coating inspection and can be applied by all selective coating equipment.

Size: 5 Litre

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