Loctite STYCAST 1090 SI Encapsulant – 2kg

SKU: 0001-01-000350

Loctite STYCAST 1090 SI is a low viscosity, room temperature cure lightweight syntactic encapsulant that is recommended for applications where high compressive stress is applied to encapsulated circuitry. This product has excellent thermal shock, impact resistance and excellent low temperature properties. This a two component encapsulant that requires mixing and cures at room temperature.

Loctite STYCAST 1090 is low density, low dielectric constant, low cure shrinkage and low CTE.

Features & Benefits:

  • Low viscosity
  • Two component - requires mixing
  • Suitable to glass surfaces
  • Low colour
  • Room temperature sure

Size: 2kg

Additional information

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Loctite STYCAST 1090 SI Technical Data Sheet - English