Loctite 932 Threadlocker – 50ml

SKU: 0103-01-000197

Loctite 932 is a brown, low strength, fast curing threadlocker that provides easy disassembly and/or readjustments. This product prevents breakage of fasteners made of soft metals during disassembly. Typical applications include threadlocking of precision screws in the electronics industry, set and adjustment screws and fasteners made of soft metals.

Features & Benefits:

  • Low strength
  • Low viscosity
  • Provides easy disassembly and/or readjustments
  • Prevents breakage of fasteners made from soft metals during disassembly
  • Brown liquid

Size: 50ml

Additional information

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Loctite 932 Threadlocker Technical Data Sheet - English


Loctite 932 Threadlocker Technical Data Sheet - French


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