Glue Dots DSP41-401 Super High Tack with 12mm Diameter – 1500 Dots

SKU: DSP41-401

Glue Dots DSP41-401 are low profile, super high tack, strong peel and sheer strength dots with a 12mm diameter. They offer a permanent bond.

DSP41-401 are applied using the Dot Shot Pro Applicator. 1500 dots per roll

Features & Benefits:

  • 12mm diameter
  • Low profile, super high tack level and permanent bond
  • Strong peel strength and sheer strength
  • Clean cut-off with no residue
  • For use with GDI Dot Shot Pro Applicator
  • Available in other sizes, tack levels & bond levels

Size: 1500 Dots

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Glue Dots Dot Shot Pro DSP41-401 - Technical Data Sheet