Fisnar EP1310C Single Cartridge Pump System

SKU: 0401-08-000301

Fisnar EP1310C single cartridge pump system is a powerful, medium-ratio system for controlled fluid transfer from 1/10 gallon (310ml) plastic cartridges. This low-pulse pump design can be used with a dispense valve or connected to an automatic production robot for controlled dispensing applications.

The Fisnar EP1310C is designed to easily transfer material for controlled dispensing via a high-pressure valve, providing a maximum of 995 psi regulated material pressure. The cartridge is contained with a metal-jacketed cylinder.

Features & Benefits:

  • High pressure regulation
  • Material delivered air-free
  • Wipe-clean action
  • Suitable for silicone type fluids
  • Electrical extruder motor
  • Simple load mechanism for easy cleaning and easy automatic system hook up
  • Adjustable piston pressure

Size: 8.86 x 6.69 x 25.55”

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Fisnar EP1310C Single Cartridge Pump System Operating Manual - English