Dymax Adhesives GA-140-SC

SKU: 0114-01-001542

Dymax GA-140-SC is a UV/Visible light-curable Form-In-Place/Cure-In-Place (FIP/CIP) Gasketing Resin formulated for fuel cell, automotive door handle, appliance housing, and critical electronic assembly and device applications which require soft, tack-free, low-outgassing, flexible gaskets with compression set. This gasketing material has good adhesion to nylon and plastic surfaces. Dymax FIP/CIP gaskets formulated with See-Cure color-change technology start out bright blue in their uncured state, making them very visible when dispensed onto substrates. The blue transitions to clear upon exposure to sufficient light energy indicating full cure has been achieved. TYPICAL USE    

Size: 15kg Tapered Pail, 160g Cartridge, 300g Cartridge, 30g Syringe (MR), 550g Cartridge

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