Dymax Adhesives GA-103

SKU: 0114-01-001500

Dymax GA-103 is a UV/Visible light curable Form-In-Place/Cure-In-Place (FIP/CIP) Gasket that is formulated for underwater enclosures, fuel cells, and high temperature sealing applications which require low compression set. GA-103 has good adhesion to plastics, electroplated plastics, and metal surfaces while providing superior heat, water, and chemical resistance. This resin can be dispensed into intricate and complex configurations with the added benefit of curing in-line, which allows for increased production speed, greater output, lower processing costs, and reduced inventories. TYPICAL USE    

Size: 15kg Tapered Pail, 160g Cartridge, 300g Cartridge, 30g Syringe (MR), 550g Cartridge

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