Dymax Adhesives 3220-GEL-SC – 10g Syringe

SKU: 0114-01-000965

Ultra Light-Weld® 3220-SC series adhesives are designed for rapid bonding and laminating of plastics such as PC, PVC, PET, ABS, and PU. Dymax adhesives formulated with See-Cure color-change technology start out bright blue in their uncured state, making them very visible when dispensed onto substrates. The blue color of See-Cure products disappears when they are fully cured. For applications that require a high viscosity adhesive, 3220-GEL-SC is also available. Typical applications include plastic housing assembly, plastics lamination, plastic window bonding, and appliance assembly. TYPICAL USE    

Size: 10g Syringe (MR)

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