Dymax Adhesives 1205-M-SC

SKU: 0114-01-000590

Dymax MD® Medical Device Adhesive 1205-M-SC is designed for the assembly of medical devices. This product provides strong bonds to PVC and has the ability to resist plasticizer migration. Dymax 1205-M-SC cures tack free and can also be used as a protective doming material. The blue color of Dymax See-Cure products aids in verification of adhesive placement, facilitates in the validation of manufacturing processes, and transitions to colorless when fully cured. Bondable substrates include ABS, CAP, PC, PEBA, and PETG. TYPICAL USE    

Size: 10g Syringe, 15kg Tapered Pail, 160g Cartridge, 1kg Bottle, 30g Syringe

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