Metcal CV-5210 Soldering System

SKU: 0017-01-001722

The CV-5210 from Metcal is a Connection Validation Soldering system. It is embedded with SmartHeat™ technology, which senses the thermal load and instantly delivers power on demand directly to the joint. This self-regulating heater delivers the right amount of power based on the requirements of the thermal load and ensures soldering is performed in a fast, safe and repeatable process with no calibration required. The CV-5210 is able to evaluate the quality of the solder joint by calculating the intermetallic compound formation and offering feedback to the operator. The introduction of its Connection Validation™ software is an industry first – offering not only control of the tip temperature but also smooth operation in real time with closed loop feedback via a green or red light integrated into the handpiece, to indicate intermetallic compound formation. The CV-5210 Soldering System includes the CV-H1-AV standard solder hand piece.  

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